Operation Gladio – Full 1992 documentary BBC

Lest we forget: Gladio

Inside The CIA: On Company Business (1980) Parts 1 – 3 COMPLETE

Secret Wars of the CIA John Stockwell

THE WATCHMEN: Secrets of the CIA (720p)

CIA Covert Operations and U.S. Interventions Since World War II Full documentary

CIA Operation CYCLONE, NWO, Afghanistan, Bush Senior, CIA Drug trafficking (1989)

John Stockwell Exposes *ALL* CIA Operations former CIA (1979)

CIA & Angolan Revolution 1975 Part 1

Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’, And Bolivia’s ‘Cocaine Coup’: Blessed By The CIA And The Vatican

Released ‘Operation Condor’ Files Show Cia Torture In Argentina

Operation Condor Trial Tackles Coordinated Campaign By Latin American Dictatorships To Kill Leftists

Noam Chomsky on CIA Covert Action and the Secret Bombing of Cambodia (1995)

CIA Genocide Cambodia

The Most Secret Place On Earth The CIAs Covert War In Laos 2008

CIA Secret Wars Part I – Undercover Operations, BG Subtitles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9BIXCiM0xs

CIA Secret Wars Part II – Lost Illusions, BG Subtitles

CIA Secret Wars Part III – One war begets another, BG Subtitles

CIA Covert Action in the Cold War: Iran, Jamaica, Chile, Cuba, Afghanistan, Libya, Latin America

CIA and MKULTRA in Canada The Sleep Room 1998

MK-ULTRA & Project Monarch

MK Ultra : CIA mind control program in Canada (1980) – the fifth estate

CIA HIDDEN OPERATIONS Complete in it’s Entirety

The truth of Khalifa Haftar – CIA Declassified

The Shadow Circus: The CIA in Tibet

The Black Bats: CIA Spy Flights Over China From Taiwan 1951-1969 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RACHQ5HlBf0

CIA and the Nazis Documentary

Hissène Habré: U.S. Backed Dictator Who Killed 40,000 Got Life in Prison, U.S. Building Drone Base

How Drug Cartels Work: The CIA, Money and Trade in Central America Day 1 Part 1 (1988)

Secrets of the CIA

Drug Smuggling Methods: The CIA, Trade & Finance in Central America Day 3 (1988)

Patrice Lumumba: The U.S.-Backed Assassination of Congo’s First Democratically-Elected Leader

Congo 20 million dead the role US and its allies played

How the World Runs on Looting the Congo

Obama, the US and 5 Million Deaths in The Congo

Congo CIA

The Houses Are Full of Smoke – El Salvador

‘CIA – LSD experiment’ sends French village mad.

Cold War – Post-war France and Italy: Marshall, communism and the CIA

The Secret CIA Campaign to Influence Culture: Covert Cultural Operations (2000)

CIA Mind Control Operation MK ULTRA

MK ULTRA, LSD and the Hippie Movement [Neil Sanders]

LSD Experiment – “Schizophrenia Psychosis Induced by LSD25” 1955 CIA Funded (MKULTRA)

The CIA in Guatemala: A Chilling Account of Dirty Secrets & Covert Operations (1997)

The Houses Are Full of Smoke – Guatemala

When the Mountains Tremble

Overthrowing Governments 101, CIA Coups

Hillary Clinton and her involvement in the CIA backed Honduran Coup.

Hillary Clinton the hawk, and the Honduran coup – UpFront

CIA Torture Techniques used in Honduras

Empire Without Colonialism: Tibet and the CIA in Postcolonial India

U.S.-Backed Genocide Indonesia, 1965, CIA coup of Democratically Elected Sukarno

THE ACT OF KILLING, Documentary with Filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer

The Shadow Play (CIA roles in Indonesian Killings of 1965-1966)

The Secrets Of The CIA’s Iraq Media War

CIA helped Iraq use chemical weapons on Iran

Secrets of the Iranian Coup Revealed by Former CIA Agent

History of U.S. Intervention in Iran – 1953 Until Present

As Italy Sentences 23 CIA Agents in Rendition Case, Obama Refuses To Prosecute Over Torture

The Secret North Korea – North Korea: Germ And Chemical Warfare By USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6_I-LtU8c4

Code Name Artichoke

Libyan docs show CIA ties to Qaddafi

The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship: Money, Mossad, and the CIA (1991)

CIA The Houses Are Full of Smoke – Nicaragua

Operation Paperclip

Annie Jacobsen, “Operation Paperclip”

CIA kills Mother and Infant Shot Out of the Sky

Psychological Warfare in the Philippines | Folklore & History | Documentary

Jeremy scahil on morning joe-The CIA’s Secret Sites in Somalia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMNLpRUblP0

The CIA Phoenix Program in Vietnam

Haiti: Toto Constant Talks About CIA vs. Aristide

Coup d’etat in Haiti “Aristide and the Revolution”

List of CIA coups

The Top 4 Most Mind-Blowing CIA Operations You’ve Never Heard Of | Big Brother Watch

The Man Nobody Knew In Search Of My Father, Cia Spymaster William Colby

Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky and the Media – 1992

HUMAN RESOURCES Social Engineering In The 20th Century HQ FULL

The Power Principle

Phillip Agee

Phillip Agee: Conversations With Harold Channer

Inside the company Phillip Agee

On the Run from the CIA: The Experiences of a Central Intelligence Agency Case Officer

What I’ve Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World


The CIA and dirty tricks / Victor Marchetti ; interviewed by Robert Kuttner.

Intelligence service / Victor Marchetti


Killing Hope

Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower

George Bush: The Company’s Man

Covert Action Quarterly #46

15th Anniversary Issue: Covert Action Quarterly

Cia Diary Agee

Victor Marchetti: CIA Distortions of History

Victor Marchetti & John Marks – CIA & The Cult of Intelligence.pdf (PDFy mirror)

CIA Matters: Memo on “Skeletons” in Closet Discovered by William Colby

An International Guide To CIA Death Squads

The CIA In Uruguay | CIABASE

CIA And Guatemala | CIABASE

Deadly Deceits My 25 years in the CIA by Ralph McGehee

In Search of Enemies – A CIA Story by John Stockwell

Final report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, United States Senate : together with additional, supplemental, and separate views
http://ift.tt/2kz6w07 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGHXjO8wHsA&t=93s
from Facebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGHXjO8wHsA&t=93s


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